Konkonte mix powder (brown fufu)


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Dried Cassava Powder

Nutrition Fact:
Unit Per 100 Grams
Energy (kcal). 350
Energy (kj). 1463
Water (g). 11,9
Protein (g). 2.8
Carbohy.(g). 82.0
Sugar(g). 3.5
Fat(g). 0.3
Saturated (g). 0.0
Monoun. (g). 0.0
Polyum.(g). 0.0
Cholesterol. (g). 0.0
Fibers (g). 2.0

Put water on the fire to boil
Fetch a quantity of boiled water off the fire
Add a little cool water to the boiled one on the fire
Add(corporate wife konkonte mix powder)
Stir firmly to prevent lumpy paste
To achieve desired texture add in a bit the hot water
Continue to stir vigorously until you obtain a light brown texture
Serve hot with any soup of your choice.


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